Celebrating 12 Years

Celebrating 12 Years as a Local Business

When Jeanne and Pete Snell opened Fleet Feet Tucson, all they really wanted to do was help people be healthy and reach their goals -- be it walk without pain, complete their first 5K or run a marathon.  As the formal General Manager, now Owner, I can say Fleet Feet is much more than just a business to all of us.  It's personal.  We care deeply about our customers and we think it shows.  Thanks to our amazing staff, we continue to give every single person who walks through our doors the very best we have to offer. Then there is all of you -- our customers and friends.  We're a local small business that simply would not exist without your continued support and loyalty.  We are so blessed to have met so many amazing people over the years.  Together, we have built this wonderful community around Fleet Feet.  It's a beautiful thing and we are so very thankful for it.
Anne Stancil

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