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Did you know that 60-80% of women wear the wrong size bra - are you one of these women? Life and body changes like weight loss or gain, pregnancy and breast feeding are just a few of the factors that may change your breast shape and size.



Sure, shoes are important for women who are active. But, as you know, a great-fitting sports bra can make all the difference in your comfort and in how long you exercise. Fleet Feet is committed to carrying the largest variety of sports bras in Tucson AND applying our proven Bra Fit Service to each fitting we do for our customers. Here are some of the basics:

All sports bras are not created equal. The traditional Jogbra may work great if you are an A/B cup, but it is not effective for women who are not. Sports bras utilize either compression (distributing weight across the body) or encapsulation (encapsulate each breast in a cup) styles to provide support. Selecting a bra that uses one or combination of both styles is part of a professional fit. Our experts will take your measurements and will be able to recommend the proper size and style for you. 

You should have your bra refit each year. Changes in your body and/or the activities you do can make a difference in the sports bra you use.

The life of a sports bra is only 6-12 months, so we suggest you replace one of your sports bras each time you change your shoes.

You do NOT need to wear TWO sports bras in order to get enough support!!!! 

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