Don’t take our word for it.  Here’s what a few customers of ours had to say about Fleet Feet Tucson:

"Just want to pass on a note of thanks for all the guidance and encouragement you provided to Christie over the last couple of months.  I know she did the work but you guys provided just the right amount of pressure to keep her going forward.  To say that Sunday was a life changing moment is the understatement of all time.  I know that in a capitalist society we all work to make money to provide for our needs but I also know that there must be some job satisfaction involved or it just doesn't work.  If you ever wonder if what you do is worth it or has any affect on the people you serve just look at the picture.  It doesn't get any better than this!"

"I did the AZ Trail Race on Sunday...I've done it since the first annual and absolutely love it.  Great shirts, great trail, yummy breakfast!  This year was no different, although I have not been training on trails as much so it was not a PR...Even with the rain the the lack of training, this continues to be one of my favorite races in Tucson.  I will definitely do it again next year!" - Tina

"Thanks so much for all your advice and time getting me the right tri-suit.  I swam with it last night and it was great!  Haven't quite adjusted t riding in it yet but will give it another test ride/run on Sunday.  You are both wonderful to do business with and I will continue sending everyone I know to Fleet Feet!  I wouldn't think of shopping anywhere else in town!  Can you start stocking groceries???" - Michele

"In all honestly I am really impressed!  Anne, I promise you I will purchase my shoes from your FleetFeet and will continue to encourage others to shop your store.  The service is amazing and I am very impressed you looked up my last shoe purchase."  -Jake

"I want to tell you how pleased I was when I walked in with a Timex pedometer that had a broken clip. I had bought it about 4 months ago and of course didn't have the receipt. I was just bringing it in to see if there had been any other complaints about them. I really liked it and was thinking I was going to have to buy another hoping it didn't do the same thing. The young lady in the store walked over to the rack and handed me another one and that was it. I was shocked. that just doesn't happen in today's world. I will certainly be back. I  have written to Timex and the Fleetfeet home office to let them know how much I appreciate your customer service. Thanks again." -Nola D.

 "Hey Fleet Feet,  Since you have been a big part of my running success, I wanted to share with you that I did my sprint triathlon last weekend and ended up getting a silver medal in my age group!  It was an awesome experience!  They ended up giving us a free race number belt in our bags, but I wore my Fleet Feet one instead...and I wore it with pride!" -  Blessings, Sharie C., Wyoming

"I just finished my workout and am going walking now.  My shoes are so comfortable.  Thank you for making the exchange.  I truly appreciate your generosity and your effort."  -Patty M.

"Hi Anne, I'm not a runner but I so much enjoy getting the newsletter and just wanted to tell you this.  Your store is wonderful and my best workout clothing (bra, shorts, tops) have come from Fleet Feet.  Loved the service, and thanks for the newsletters."    -Capri M., east side customer

"I don’t know which is more satisfying, mileing out a pair of shoes (blue supernova controls, 405 miles) or breaking in a new pair (silver supernova controls 8 miles, as of 7:00am), either way thanks for the great shoes, again, and the great service, again!  I just walk in, you greet me and pull exactly what I want off the shelf, and they do exactly what they are supposed to do on the very first time out, because I was fitted so professionally.  Come to think about it, add all that to the ‘What is more satisfying’ question.   Thanks."

"I enjoyed the Injury Prevention Clinic.  Thanks for the great public service to the running and hiking community."

“I want to thank you for all your help the last couple of days with my kids and their feet. They all love to run - like mom - but I wanted to make sure they weren't doing damage to themselves. Your patience is a real seller. I already raved about your service to a couple of my running friends.¬ I'll do that more tomorrow when I run with my church group. It's nice to know we have a community-minded shop such as yours. Thanks for all your help and keep up the great work!”
    - Kate P

“Thank you for hosting the injury prevention clinic earlier this week.  It was very beneficial to me and also to the other Team in Training participants.  I was at another clinic that you hosted last month and I just wanted to let you know how much this is appreciated”
    - Bob D.

“Anne, I visited your store a couple of weeks ago.  I had some problems/pain in the arch of my right foot.  You recommended Superfeet insoles.  I can’t believe it, but I haven’t had the pain since!  Thanks so much for taking your time in helping me.  I applaud your knowledge in footwear and our feet’s response to running/walking!”
    - PA

“Just wanted to send u a note, thanking u for all your help!!! In getting me into running shoes that work for me‚  I wish I could say I am running pain-free but at my age nothing I do is free from pain.. ha! ha!  However, I am enjoying running again‚”
    - Armando M

“I just wanted to drop you a note to express my sincere appreciation for the time and effort you both put in to help me prepare for Sunday’s run.  It was a totally wonderful experience that wouldn’t have happened without your presence.  During the entire run I couldn’t help thinking what a great day it was and what a wonderful time I was having.  If you ever need a friend in the future, please feel free to call.”
    - Wayne W

“I wanted to write a short note to thank you for taking the time last Friday to work with me to select some new shoes.  I have done several runs since then and I must say there is a tremendous difference in the way my feet feel both while running and afterwards.  More specifically, the trouble with my right great toe is significantly less noticeable (almost gone??).  Brooks Adrenaline and also the proper fit seem to be doing the trick!  Also, I realized that I must have left those ratty old shoes at your store and for that I apologize.  I trust they found their way to a permanent resting place‚”
    - Matt N

Thank you very much for all of your help on a recent visit I had to your store!  You helped me understand my ITB problem a lot better than my physical therapist did and your recommendation of the product Superfeet really made a difference to my over-pronation problem.  In fact I just got back from completing the Rock-n-Roll San Diego Marathon…pain free!  Well until after the race at least ‚hee hee.  Thank you again, from a grateful customer who has been spreading the word about your fantastic store.”
    - Colleen B

“I was in your store right after Christmas and Anne helped me out.  I was the one who had been running on the same shoes for over 3 years, leading to ankle injuries.  foolish, I know.  I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the personal attention.  I’ve been to other stores in town, and have felt out of the loop‚ since I’m not built like a typical runner and don’t train for ultra-marathons.  I felt like she really cared about my running experience.  I am so grateful, and the new shoes are wonderful.  My arches finally don’t bother me after 3 miles.  I can’t wait to participate in the half-marathon in March.  Thanks for operating a great business.  I’ll be sending all of my friends and coworkers your way when they need to be pointed in the right direction for shoes and gear.”
    - Melissa

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for volunteering at our annual Healthy Living Expo offered to Canyon Ranch employees.  The event was a huge success with almost 600 staff members attending.  All of our Canyon Ranch staff members were impressed with the many providers helping out at the Expo, including you and your organization.  Many staff members commented about your friendliness and professionalism.  And quite a few remembered how great Fleet Feet was last year and continued to spread the word about your company.  You truly helped to make the event a fun, educational and very positive experience for our staff members and I appreciate your time at the event.”
    - Andrea L

“I had a good run in the Madrid Marathon so I’ve done it.  Now I’m back in Egypt and enjoying my new shoes.  Thanks for looking after me.”
    - Chip V

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