One of the keys to preforming at a high level is maintaining a consistent source of fuel for your body both in terms of calories and electrolytes. Fleet Feet Tucson has an extensive selection of nutrition products giving you a wide variety of products and brands. But remember, never try anything new on race day - experiment and find what works best for you during training. Not sure what to try? Stop into either Fleet Feet location let our expert staff guide you to the perfect products. 

Liquid Fuel: Sometimes your body needs more than what H2O can provide. Sports drinks provide an easy way to replenish your calories, fluids, and electrolytes. Not all are created equal, however, and it's important to pay attention to ingredients, serving size, and recommended use. We have a variety of options from GU, Skratch, Generation UCan, and Fluid. 

Gels: The ultimate fast food! Best when you need fast-acting, easy-to-digest source of energy on the move! Use it before and during exercise (every 30-45 minutes) to keep you going strong. Most packets are about 100 calories with some flavors having caffeine which helps metabolize fat during exercise, giving the body an additional fuel source. We offer several brands including GU, EGel, AccelGel, Huma, and Honey Singer.  

Chews: When you need something to chew on... Sometimes gels just don't work. Either you can't tolerate the texture or they infuse too much good stuff at once in your stomach which can lead to cramping. These products are great because they taste like gummy snacks and can be eaten individually over a period of time which keeps your fuel levels consistent and your mouth occupied. We have chews from Clif, Jelly Belly, Honey Stinger, and Pro Bar. 

Bars: They look and taste like decadent treats, but they are chock full of good ingredients to fuel your exercise. These options are perfect for people who can't stand gels, need to switch up their fuel during a prolonged workout/race or want to ingest real ingredients. Use before, during or after your workouts. We carry great options from ProBar, PickyBar and Bonk Breaker. 

Electrolyte Replacements: Whether in drink or capsule form, electrolytes are essential to proper hydration and muscle function. Nuun Hydration and Salt Stick offer easy electrolyte replenishment without added calories. 








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