It's time to FLY with HOKA

Designed for your most intense workouts, the Tivra ensures responsiveness and cushion when and where you need it. It features a unique forefoot design for stability and balance during lateral or 360-degree movements, and we doubled on that confident feel with TPU wings that offer additional midfoot support and security. Complete with a rubberized foam outsole, the Tivra gives a dynamic ride ready for explosive or quick-twitch movements. If it’s your expectations you’re out to shatter, the Tivra is your hammer.

The Cavu 2 is a versatile running shoe with a bold and simple look. Similar to the Mach, it features PROFLY™ midsole, but the Cavu is a little lower and a little lighter. The PROFLY™ midsole is made with rubberized foam, which is light, responsive and durable, so you can run fast in the Cavu again and again. This shoe employs seamless, engineered mesh and upper and delivers a smooth, light ride. You are clear for takeoff.


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