Patella Femoral Syndrome (Runner's Knee)

What is it?
Commonly known as Runner's Knee, Patella Femoral Syndrome is a degeneration of the cartilage located on the underside of the patella caused by excessive compressive forces or by improper patella tracking.

  • As the knee flexes and extends, the patella glides inferiorly and superiorly.  If the patella is not tracking correctly, the cartilage will degenerate as it is irritated by the medial femoral condyle.
  • Weakness in he medial aspect of the quadriceps muscle.
  • A large or small Q angle
  • Excessive pronation alters tibial rotation affecting tracking of the patella.
  • Mild swelling, pain or aching after sitting
  • Grinding or clicking sound
  • Buckling or locking sensation in the knee
  • Can be asymptomatic
  • Treatment depends upon the cause.
  • If caused by overpronation consider a stability shoe with an insert.
  • If the injury does not appear to have poor foot biomechanics or their condition has not improved with a change of shoes and an insert, refer to an orthopedist or physical therapist for a more thorough evaluation.
  • KT Tape and patella straps and braces can alleviate the pain and inflammation

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