Sports Bras

Most people agree that a properly-fitted shoe is crucial for success of any fitness program. Unfortunately, a properly-fitted sports bra doesn't get as much attention but is just as crucial for women as a good shoe. Here are some surprising facts about sports bras that might change how you feel about your own support:

  • Only ONE ligament supports the breast tissue on its own (a pair of DDs can weigh up to 12 pounds--that's a lot
    to hold up)
  • 1 in 3 women are embarrassed by breast bounce when they exercise 
  • 25% of women don't workout as hard or as much as they could due to breast bounce
  • 80% of women wear the WRONG BRA SIZE since it's very common to fit into a different size for every bra style you wear
  • More than 40% of women don't even wear a sports bra when exercising
  • When it comes to sports bras, follow the rule of 3: 1 on the body, 1 in the wash, and 1 ready to wear

Let our Fit Specialists at Fleet Feet help you find the perfect fit. With a size range of 30-54 bands and A-H cups, you simply will not find a better selection of sports bras in Arizona. Learn more about our Sports Bra Fit Service

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